About us

Uteseksjonen do outreach work in the city centre of Oslo during the day and evening, every day of the year. We are in contact with people who, for various reasons, need help or who live difficult lives marked by substance abuse, crime or poor mental health. We can offer advice, guidance and follow-up for those who may need it.
We mainly work with vulnerable communities in the areas around Grønland, Vaterland, Brugata, Oslo Central Station, Jernbanetorget and Kvadraturen. We have a special focus on those under the age of 25 who stay in these areas. 

You can reach us on: 913 03 913

Monday to Thursday: 08:00 to midnight

Friday: 8am to 4am

Saturday: 10am to 4am

Sunday: 16:00 to midnight  

How we can help: We can assist in  situations such as, contact with NAV, your GP or child welfare service. We also can be of support regarding various social or health problems, contact with institutions or help with returning home for out-of-town persons.

Counselling service: On weekdays our counselling front desk is open between 10am and 3pm. Clients and partners are welcome to come in person, with or without an appointment. We can help whether it's just to have a chat, get advice on social welfare issues, or to undertake follow-up work.

The team at Uteseksjonen is multi-disiplinary and made up of social and health workers, psychologists and peer educators.  We are a diverse group including employees with language skills beyond Norwegian and English.


Visiting address: Maridalsveien 3 (Bus No. 34 og 54. Get off at Møllerveien bus stop)

Postal address: Maridalsveien 3, 0178 Oslo


Support line: 913 03 913


E-post: uteseksjonen@vel.oslo.kommune.no 

(Please do not send any sensitive information via email.)


Leader: Børge Erdal  borge.erdal@vel.oslo.kommune.no

Agency for Social and  Welfare Services

The City of Oslo