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Uteseksjonen is part of the Central and Greater Oslo division of the Agency for Social and Welfare Services (ASWS, City of Oslo Council). The service provides street-based outreach social work and healthcare targetting at-risk individuals and groups in the downtown area. Our remit includes substance-abuse and criminality prevention, as well as providing health and professional outreach support to individuals with substance-abuse and/or mental-health problems. Uteseksjonen targets individuals in all age groups but has a special focus  on children and young adults up to the age of 25.

The easiest way to get in touch is to ring our support line: 913 03 913

Mondays to Thursdays: 8am to midnight    

Fridays: 8am to 4am (nights)                   

Saturdays: 10am to 4am (nights)              

Sundays: 4pm to midnight

Fieldwork is practised through outreach patrols that go out every day year-round, as well as through ongoing follow-up work. We identify and make contact with individuals who are perceived  to be at risk of developing, or who already have, problems involving substance abuse and criminality among others. Our main aim is to make contact with and get an overview of individuals and groups of individuals, as well as to develop relationships and build trust.

Follow-up work is undertaken with an emphasis on availability, flexibility and working for change in partnership with clients, client networks and other support services. It is a priority to lower the threshold to involving other support services through targetted referral following thorough assessment of client needs.

Counselling services are available at our Maridalsveien 3 premises, open weekdays between 10am and 3pm. Clients and relevant partners are welcome to come in person, with or without an appointment. We can help whether it's just to have a chat, get advice on social welfare issues, or to undertake follow-up and teamwork.

"Out of the Fog" is a detox programme to reduce hash dependency, offered either individually or in groups to young people and adults in cooperation with city boroughs. We also work to build competence in reducing hash dependency within ASWS and city boroughs, as well as other services we work together with.

Peer education and support amongst young people in Oslo city centre through youth group "Perspektiv" is a project facilitated by Uteseksjonen that aims to help young people help each other. The group has its own project leader.

Confidentiality, trust and personal rights. Our employees are legally obliged to maintain confidentiality except in cases where: we are legally bound to inform Childrens Services of a client's situation; we must inform social services of a pregnant woman with substance-abuse problems; we have to take action in emergency situations where life and health are in danger. We aim for the lowest possible threshold to making contact with our target groups and formal referral is not required. All involvement with Uteseksjonen is voluntary. Clients' participation in change processes, positive cooperation with networks and other support services, as well as professional documentation, are fundamental aspects of our work. All contact and services provided by Uteseksjonen are free.

Mapping, tracking and making contact with vulnerable groups in the city centre are fundamental to our fieldwork. We report to our internal administration and political leaders on changes and developing trends among groups in the downtown area. Uteseksjonen participates in centralised collaboration on these issues through Sentrumssamarbeidet and SaLTo. We also contribute to knowledge sharing through educational activities and presentations to college students and relevant partners.

Uteseksjonen comprises 39,5 positions (40 employees), split between 27 occupational therapists, 3 outreach nurses,  psychologist and 4 professional consultants, in addition to a 5-strong administrative leadership team. All employees have a minimum 3-year social work or healthcare qualification and/or university degree. Many have relevant post-graduate qualifications or higher education at Masters level. We are a diverse group including  employees with language skills beyond Norwegian and English.

Section Leader: Børge Erdal  borge.erdal@vel.oslo.kommune.no

Visiting address: Maridalsveien 3 (Bus No. 34 og 54. Disembark at Møllerveien bus stop)

Postal address: Maridalsveien 3, 0178 Oslo

www.uteseksjonen.no        Facebook: Uteseksjonen i Oslo

Support line: 913 03 913     Switchboard: 23 46 04 40      Fax: 23 46 04 69


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